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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Caribbean Classics Wedding Co-ordinators are here to help with all those important concerns, from the bigger questions such as how to go about booking your dream wedding in the Caribbean to the little things such as how to transport your dress or arrange for your hair and make-up. We know how important it is that your Wedding Day is perfect and our aim is to make sure everything goes to plan and that you are totally confident with all the arrangements you have made.

Your Wedding Specialist is just a phone call away or if you prefer, let us know a convenient time and we'll call you back so you can relax and discuss all the finer details of your occasion.

Will our wedding be legal?
Yes, once your marriage is registered in the country you choose to marry, you will be given a marriage certificate. This is a legal document provided as proof of your marriage and will be recognised in the UK. We do recommend if you are not a British Citizen you contact your local embassy for up to date information, as this may vary.

Can I get married abroad if I have been divorced?
Yes, all you need is your Decree Absolute, for which you must have the original document and take this with you.

Is it possible for us to choose the date and time of the wedding?
Yes, most hotels will do everything they can to accommodate your preferences. The date and time will be confirmed prior to your arrival.

Can I get married on the beach?
Yes, you can choose your ceremony location within the hotel. Most hotels will offer a choice of locations such as the gardens, a gazebo or on the beach. This can be decided when you arrive so you can view all of the locations and possibilities and find that special place which is right for you.

What if it's just the "Two of Us", will we need witnesses?
Yes, the hotel can arrange this for you.

Can I book my wedding day hair and make-up appointments in advance?
Absolutely. You will also meet with your wedding co-ordinator the day after you arrive and during this time you will be able to book any of your pre-wedding requirements that haven't been tied up before you leave the UK.

What about my friends and family, can you book them for us too?
Yes, we can arrange all of this for you. Even if some guests prefer to stay at another hotel or have different travel plans. We have a large range of hotels to suit their personal needs and can arrange with your chosen hotel for them to attend your wedding. In most cases there will be a supplement, or the guests will need to purchase a day pass if they are staying elsewhere.

Can we have music at the ceremony?
Of course! When you meet with your wedding co-ordinator she can book this for you. If you have a special piece of music or a song that you would like we recommend you take this with you in the form of a CD or on your iPod. She can also arrange for a steel pan band and other extras which will have to be paid locally.

What about my dress, can I take it as hand luggage?
Yes you can. We do recommend you take it in a specially designed wedding dress box which fits in the overhead locker and keeps it safe. Most wedding dress shops can supply these or The Empty Box Company do a lovely range which can be ordered online.